Jewellery has the ability to speak. We understand certain pieces of jewellery to mean different things. But whether its from the placement of it on the body or a hidden message or meaning behind the object, it speaks to us and the people we project it to.

Colleen Baran
925 Silver, rubber, ink

How audiences view jewellery. This piece by Colleen Baran has a visible message and uses language to project it. Instantly understanding the meaning and how the connotations to jewellery and a relationship with another person is implied.

Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Silver, Titanium, Gold

The more unconventional ring form, Elements, plays on words. A collection of different elements are represented but so is a story. A ring exchanged in a relationship and a representation for said relationship.Time, effort, care, elements that make up an interaction between two people.

Silver, Steel, Coral

Jewellery that can speak without words, feeling expressed, jewellery as a metaphor.

starting to investigate how jewellery, charms, amulets, and objects can represent those words we are dying to say, a language to save our emotional needs…?


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