Collaborate. Hashtag Makers_Collab.

IMG_3200Makers Dozen have selected their final 12 Makers and work is underway to start collaborating. Thats my feet. These are objects to try and explain us.

My collaborator = David Leonard, Engineer and researcher at MMU.

I find myself in a situation of ‘hypotheticals’ and ‘what ifs’. I am a maker. I am collaborating with an electrical engineer. The parallels are clear, but so are the differences.

What is a key? How do we use a key? How do we know where to put a key, interact with a key, or turn something? What are the indicators of a mechanism? The Key is Taking Over. Rules and Regulations are being discussed but no output has taken place.

We have had an epiphany – It is not the mood or interaction style of the operator that the key is reading, but the mood of the device telling you what it does and does not like. If it is not sure what it is doing, if it doesn’t like what is being asked of it the key will tell you. A new twist in the tale. The Key controls the Human.

 A certain purity to the way it can be coded. A neat rule set that can dictate the Key. Hhmmm. Do we control the Key? Really? The Key is the Key.


That invitation to turn, hold, insert, twist, unlock. Hold here. Put key into this lock. Form fits. Shape is understood.


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